Energy Gels - a step back?

on Tuesday, 07 April 2015.

Just an energy drink in disguise

 As we know from the proliferation of products out there in the market, people have long searched for convenient ways to boost energy. First: Energy Drinks. Problem – too bulky!  Second:  Energy Bars. Problem – too long to digest! Third:  Energy Shots. Problem - too expensive!  And more lately  Energy Gels. 

The world’s first energy gel, Leppin Squeezy®, was introduced in the mid 1980’s and was co-developed by Dr. Tim Noakes, an exercise physiology professor in Cape Town, South Africa and Bruce Fordyce, nine time winner of the Comrades Ultra Marathon. Energy gels are the product of four decades of carbohydrate research and countless hours of self-reporting by athletes.  

Gels have been described as a ‘race car’ hybrid of a sports drink and energy bar: sleek, smooth, fast fuel for the endurance athlete. Energy gels, however innovative, cater to a relatively small niche customer, primarily the ‘serious’ endurance athlete. Additionally, to ensure that these concentrated carbohydrates are absorbed, the athlete has to consume the gels with water.  Isn’t this just another form of the energy drink?

And,a s we know, drinks can take up to 40 minutes to get to work! Plus, if the balance of fluid to gel is too low then this will increase the runners dehydration, causing a noticeable decrease in mental and physical performance.
Take on water little and often during your run/training but for a seriously fast acting energy boost ‪#‎superfastgum‬ delivers every time. And it has a long lasting, minty menthol burst of flavour to clear your head too.

Superfast Energy Gum™ is the solution to the age-old problem of providing a quick, affordable and convenient energy boost for people from all walks of life.  No drinks, no gels, no bars: just pop one in and chew! 

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 In our next Blog we discuss what are Functional Foods? Happy #Chewsday energy fans.


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