Great tasting Superfast Energy Gum!

on Tuesday, 27 January 2015.

Caffeinated chewing gum

 Caffeine gum.

 It can be a great way to get a pick-me-up without having the inconvenience of guzzling down an energy drink loaded with sugar or the cost of an expensive hot coffee.  

Sometimes drinking just isn’t an option, especially when driving or just before or during strenuous sports, so a good caffeine gum can be the answer to get you through boring lectures/meetings or even keep you energetic for those special times when an quick sugar-free energy boost with fresh breath is required!! 

 But what are the downsides?  

Well, the most common complaint people have about caffeinated energy gum is the flavour. Most of the ones we’ve tried are either, frankly, revolting or at best, lose flavour pretty quickly and what’s left isn’t that appealing. Caffeine and other energy-boosting ingredients, like the B Vitamins, can tend to have a bitter taste, so as soon as the sweetener is dissolved, what remains can be unpleasant to the palate. Even ‘regular’ chewing gum tends to lose flavour after a few minutes of serious chewing. 

 So, before we even started the manufacturing process, the team behind Superfast Energy Gum™ spent many months trialling different flavour profiles with potential consumers to come up with the best possible tasting gum. This, combined with the fact that Superfast Energy Gum™ uses a patented double layer compressed technology which delivers an immediate burst of minty menthol freshness while also allowing the flavour to be released over a sustained time, gives us what we have today – our Superfast minty/menthol long lasting flavour!    

 But don’t just take our word for it! Get hold of some today, (if you can’t find us in store, try on-line at one of our web sales partners) and give us your feedback. We think you’ll be impressed with both the energy delivery AND the taste!




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