Energy Gum

Superfast Energy Gum™

Delivers the fastest acting energy boost

Superfast Energy Gum™ is a unique and revolutionary new chewing gum. With its snazzy double-layered super-quick-energy-releasing minty-fresh great taste, it packs a pretty hefty energy punch.Just two pieces give you more energy than a 250ml can of any energy drink, and because it’s chewing gum, the energy is even faster-acting. All that plus an icy-fresh blast of minty menthol with every chew. So whether you need to study smarter, compete harder, focus better, be alert longer or just want to party longer – you need Superfast Energy Gum™.

Coffee Bean +Vitamin B=Superfastgum


Recommended for adults who want a safe, powerful boost you can feel in an instant!

Faster, Longer, Harder, More. Instantly. Life really does move pretty fast – and with Superfast Energy Gum™, you won’t have to miss a second of it. With a longer-lasting energy boost that helps you focus, our scientifically engineered gum will help you raise your game. Whether you’re training, competing or simply getting out there and being active, Superfast Energy Gum™ gives you more of yourself. What’s more, it’s actually good for you too. It’s sugar free, has great dental benefits and is packed with vitamins and minerals to give you more than just a quick hit of energy. Everything we put in is completely safe and designed to work in harmony with you. It just gives you a bit of a boost! It’s scientifically proven to work faster than any other product on the market, so if you’re looking for some extra get-up-and-go, go out and get Superfast Energy Gum™.


Superfast Energy Gum™ works up to six times faster than swallowing tablets or drinking coffee.

Well we didn’t call it Superfast Energy Gum™ by accident. Thanks to some pretty nifty patented technology, we have created the fastest energy-boost on the market – up to six times faster than swallowing tablets or drinking coffee. Research has shown that chewing gum releases at least as much of the active ingredients into the body as tablets or drinks – and that they are actually absorbed faster through your mouth than your stomach. Our gum is pretty clever, if we do say so ourselves. Its two layers keep active ingredients apart which might otherwise get a bit carried away and do their thing before they reached you. This way, they are combined (by you, chewing) at exactly the right time. It’s official – nothing will give you an energy boost faster than Superfast Energy Gum™. And it even fits in your pocket.


Tastes great and freshens breath with its longer lasting, icy fresh powermint flavour

Packed with icy-fresh menthol, you get a zingy burst of flavour from the first chew. Plus, our gum is proven to have a longer-lasting flavour than other gums too. It’s foil-wrapped to keep it at its freshest, and being a gum, doesn’t need to be kept in a fridge or anywhere special to stay at its best. Straight from your pocket to icy-fresh energy, Superfast Energy Gum™ does exactly what it promises to do. If you need to get fresh fast, just start chewing. It’s as easy as that.