Why chewing gum?

Quite simply, it’s the most convenient. It’s easy to carry, can be used on the go, doesn’t need chilling, and is also the absolute quickest way to deliver an instant energy boost. It’s sugar free too! So, as well as packing a pretty hefty energy punch, it’s healthy and even good for your teeth – and it’s also minty fresh, which let’s face it, we all need from time to time.

What are the benefits of SUPERFAST™ Energy Gum?

There are loads of benefits and it works in many different ways depending on your lifestyle. Here are just a few: Sports benefits: SUPERFAST™ Energy Gum‘s instant release of nutrients means instant action. With no weight issues (4grams Gum v 500grams fluid v 60grams shots) to worry about, there’s no heavy, bloated stomach while competing. And as another major bonus, it cuts down urine production, so no awkward moments during the game either! Taste benefits: In consumer tests, the flavor of SUPERFAST™ Energy Gum has an instant cooling minty menthol burst which has been shown to last substantially longer than any ‘regular’ gums where the flavor fades within minutes. Oral Care benefits: Chewing SUPERFAST™ Energy Gum fights plaque and cavities by increasing the saliva flow, which neutralizes plaque acids and prevents early dental lesions. The same chewing action freshens breath by eliminating the bacteria, which is the primary cause of bad breath. SUPERFAST™ Energy Gum also helps whiten teeth by preventing tooth stains. Mental benefits: Chewing SUPERFAST™ Energy Gum can reduce stress and improve concentration. A study presented at the 10th International Congress of Behavioral Medicine found that the act of chewing gum may help reduce stress, improve alertness and relieve anxiety. It has been engineered to contain elements which improve focus and alertness too. Always read the label.

How much does it cost?

That might depend a little bit on which retailer you go to! But it’s very inexpensive. And remember, the energy release provided by just two pieces of SUPERFAST™ Energy Gum is 25% more than one 250ml can of energy drink. With 8 pieces in each pack, it packs a bigger punch than 5 cans of energy drink, but costs considerably less.

How fast is it really?

Energy-releasing ingredients in SUPERFAST™ Energy Gum are absorbed up to six times faster into the bloodstream directly through the inside of your mouth while chewing, making it quicker than eating or drinking.

Is SUPERFAST™ Energy Gum healthy?

SUPERFAST™ Energy Gum is totally sugar-free using only sweeteners with proven safety records, including Xylitol. It fights plaque and cavities while freshening breath at the same time. We’ve also stuck a few extra B vitamins in there to give you even more of a health kick.

Is SUPERFAST™ Energy Gum suitable for vegetarians?

Yes. SUPERFAST™ Energy Gum is perfectly suitable for vegetarians.

How does SUPERFAST™ Energy Gum work?

As energy-releasing ingredients are absorbed faster into the bloodstream directly through the mouth when chewing than through the stomach, SUPERFAST™ Energy Gum is more efficient in helping the body access the energy. This means it takes just a few minutes to feel the effects, versus the half hour or more for an energy drink or shot to kick in. Also, SUPERFAST™ Energy Gum, being compressed gum, allows for heat sensitive vitamins and minerals to be added, allowing the body to more efficiently utilise its energy stores.

How is SUPERFAST™ Energy Gum made?

Well you asked…. SUPERFAST™ Energy Gum is made with patented cold-compression technology. The absence of high levels of heat, found in traditional extruded gum processing, allows for the active ingredients to remain at maximum levels of efficiency.

How and when should I use SUPERFAST™ Energy Gum?

Chew SUPERFAST™ Energy Gum anytime you want to boost your energy or concentration levels. That might be for working hard, partying late, playing sports, driving long distance or taking exams and tests. Keep some in your pocket, purse, glove box or desk, so you’re always on the ball when you need to be. Just two pieces of SUPERFAST™ Energy Gum gives you 25% more caffeine than one can of energy drink.

What’s in SUPERFAST™ Energy Gum, and why?

Caffeine can help alertness, concentration, reaction time and focus. It’s been shown to improve the athletes’ ability to maintain performance during repeated bouts of high intensity activity, mainly by delaying the onset of fatigue. And it’s not just athletes who benefit – late nights at work or studying can take their toll, and caffeine is proven to help you stay alert longer. B Vitamins are responsible for providing energy to the body during the conversion of glucose from carbohydrates. They are also critically required for the metabolism of fats and proteins, as well as the health and maintenance of the body’s nervous system. Menthol gives your mouth that icy fresh burst of flavor.